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Questions and answers about colostrum

  • New Zealand’s bovine colostrum is taken once a year from year round pasture fed cows.
  • All cows used for the collection of colostrum must be free of antibiotics and the laboratory created hormone BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), which is not approved for use in New Zealand by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).
  • Distances between collection and processing sites are short and for this reason Colostrum is never frozen but just chilled and then spray dried using low heat and therefore protecting the sensitive bio-enzymes.
  • The only heat is during the sterilization process for 15seconds at 72 degrees Celsius.
  • New Zealand Food and Safety has strict controls in place. Colostrum is traceable all the way back to the source.
  • New Zealand’s colostrum is all blended together before they process it leading to a wider variety of cows as well as areas of feed and therefore a more varied immune pattern which does not originate from just one small area but from a much wider variety with different feeds and exposures to different pathogens.
  • New Zealand Colostrum is de-fatted - firstly the removal of fat does not harm the bioactive ingredients and secondly, the fat can cause the product to go rancid quickly reducing its shelf life significantly.

Nature’s first food! Colostrum is the early milk or pre-milk produced for approximately the first 72 hours after calf birth, when the milk turn to regular milk. In cows, it's called bovine colostrum. It is a highly nutritional and functional food containing many life supporting and heath promoting substances. As natures first ‘food’ most animals need colostrum just after birth to survive. Unlike in humans where the immune pattern is transferred to the baby while still in the womb – calves are born sterile and the full immune pattern is in the colostrum they get after birth. The colostrum will give the calf’s immune system the ability to fight disease and pathogens, the growth factors present in the colostrum will heal the permeated gut that the calf is born with and will created a heathy gut which is essential in creating general well-being.
Bovine bolostrum is not species specific and research shows it is compatible for human use. This pre-milk is rich in immunoglobulins, which are types of protein involved in promoting the immune system and fighting off pathogens. There are other types of compounds within Colostrum such as growth factors, nucleosides, etc., that are not found in regular milk. The life-supporting immune and growth factors in Colostrum that insure the health and vitality of the new born calf can assist the human body to return to its natural state of vibrant health and vitality and has been shown as an effective means to obtain overall health.

Colostrum provides a perfect balance of immune factors and growth factors. Bovine colostrum is a great choice for human supplementation.
The molecular structure of bovine colostrum is very similar to that found from humans, which means it will work effectively in both species. The immune factors, called Immunoglobulins are cell-specific antibodies with the potential to boost and regulate the immune system to protect against viruses, bacteria, allergens, toxins and yeast. Colostrum balances your own immunity and will reduce an overactive immune system and stimulate and underactive immune system.
Research papers have indicated that bovine colostrum can assist in normal tissue growth and and accelerated repair of damaged or injured tissue.

Bovine colostrum’s molecular structure is identical to that of human colostrum. Colostrum contains special compounds called glycoproteins and trypsin inhibitors. These compounds prevent the digestive juices in the human stomach from destroying the immune and growth factors in colostrum, ensuring effectiveness. There is no need for a coating, it is more beneficial in its unadulterated natural state and benefits the whole digestive system including the stomach lining and the intestines. Best to keep it as nature intended.

Colostrumhealth™ colostrum is 100% pure undiluted Colostrum. The average IgG amount in our Colostrum powder is about 18-22%, which equates to 18 to 22g IgG per 100g. Bovine colostrum contains greater levels of some factors compared with human colostrum. For example, the important immunoglobulin (IgG), which is needed to bind pathogens, only makes up 2% of human colostrum, while in bovine colostrum; this IgG is available at a concentration of around 20%.

For best results it is suggested you take in larger doses initially and then lower dosages improvements are noticed. If benefits decrease, you may return to the initial front loading to boost your system. If colostrum is taken in capsule form, it is recommended take the capsules be taken on an empty stomach with water. If you cannot swallow capsules, you could open the capsule, or use pure powder and mix it with water or a few tablespoons of yogurt, apple sauce or a spoonfull of other food. Don't forget the water. Do not take any other supplements with colostrum. Wait at least twenty minutes before you eat or take other foods or supplements.
For best results, begin with 4-6 capsules (2,000 to 3,000 mg.) taken twice a day. You can then reduce it after the desired effect has been reached to half that dosage, you could also start taking it once a day only to maintain optimum health. You could take colostrum when you wake in the morning and your stomach is empty and then again maybe a couple of hours after lunch. If you have trouble sleeping, try to take your dosages early in the day as some people find it stimulates them and makes it difficult to sleep if taken too late in the day.
In rare cases, some some people may experience a healing symptoms as the body releases toxins - for example minor skin eruptions or digestive discomfort. These symptoms usually disappear in a couple of days. If these symptoms persist, stop taking colostrum for a few days and then resume with a lower quantity, increasing your intake slowly until you reach optimum levels.

Athletes have found colostrum helps improve their track and field performance and maintain their general wellbeing over extended training periods. Marathon runners especially benefit from the gut health benefits of colostrum as the strain of long distance running puts tremendous pressure on the intestines as well as the connective tissue in the body. Bovine colostrum has been added to many off-the-shelf body building formulas. We believe the claims that it helps build muscle is mainly due to the protein component of bovine colostrum. There are many cheaper preparation rich in protein that serve the same purpose. Research has supported the findings that bovine colostrum's components are more suited for repairing tissue and building up the immune system.
Dosage: It is best to take the colostrum 30-45 minutes before workout. The recommended daily dosage for athletes is 3000-6000 milligrams (6-12 capsules per day) per day.

The first colostrum that comes from the cow must be given to the calf- it contains a substantial amount of fat and proteins that the calf needs to receive to ensure the health of the calf. While this very first colostrum is highly beneficial and essential for calf health it is not as important for humans, the colostrum collected within the first 48 hours still contains all the essential elements to be hugely beneficial to humans. After about 72 hours after the calf is born the milk will be full milk. New Zealand collects colostrum from 4 milkings, all within the first 48 hours after calf birth. Cows produce a substantial amount of colostrum, the calf receives their fill first and only the surplus is milked out for the production of spray dried colostrum used in our products.

New Zealand colostrum and dairy industry is subject to stringent standards of quality, controlled and overseen by then New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). Our Dairy manufacturing site operates under strict process control and hygiene conditions and is certified to internationally recognised quality standards it holds FSSC 22000, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 certifications.
Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH), also known as Bovine Somatotrophin (bST) is not approved for use in New Zealand by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) even though Milk from cows treated with BGH is declared safe for human consumption by various health authorities, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).
The milk from animals which have been treated with veterinary medicines including Antibiotic and Anthelmintics (antiparasitic drugs) are withheld for the time specified by the veterinarian. The withheld milk is not allowed to be used for human consumption. New Zealand is the only country with a major dairy industry that has never had a recorded case of scrapie or mad cow disease in their cattle herds or other livestock.

The New Zealand GM testing regime is one of the strictest in the world. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) requires proof of testing for GM before seed can be cleared at the border for entry into New Zealand, and if there is any indication of GM content the seed is not allowed in. This means that seed from non-GM as well as GM producing countries are required to be certified GM-negative before it is allowed into the country.

All our bovine colostrum are pasteurized as the udders of cows can easily be contaminated with pathogens including E-coli and Salmonella. New Zealand export laws prevents any unpasteurized product from leaving our borders. Our product is spray dried using low heat and the pasteurization process is 15 seconds at 72 degrees Celsius. Tests have been carried out after the pasteurization process showing that the Colostrum’s bio-activity is still intact

Colostrum contains very little lactose. Most people who are lactose-intolerant should be absolutely fine with taking Colostrum. You need to either use our 100% Colostrum Powder 100g or 100% Pure Colostrum Capsules 120/500mg, do not use the chewable tablets which uses milk powder as a binder and is a blended product and not a pure product like the capsules and powder.

This depends largely on your own personal choice. Colostrum is a dairy product it is neither meat nor vegetable, but is it still an animal product. Vegans that exclude all animal product will not be able to take bovine colostrum but some vegetarians include eggs and dairy as part of their diet and colostrum would be suitable for this diet – please note you have to buy the 100% pure Colostrumhealth™ powder 100g tubs as the capsules contains bovine gelatin.. In addition the Rishis (India's spiritual leaders) adopting a vegan diet has included colostrum for many years.

Bovine colostrum is not species specific and is totally compatible with humans as well as animals. We supply a few zoo’s with our product to assist newborn and sick animals. Many veterinarian stock our product as it can benefit cats, dogs and other mammals. Older animals respond especially well when given colostrum.
Dosage: Sprinkle the bovine colostrum over your pet's food. Most pets love the taste of colostrum. Make sure they have access to water when feeding them colostrum.
Dosage: Generally recommended dosage it about 1/3 of a teaspoon per 11kg (approximately 25llbs) of weight.

Good Question. Compare the purity of the products you are purchasing. So many products on the market claims to be 100% bovine colostrum but include in the ingredients listed the addition of milk powder and other fillers. This in fact makes them a blended product and not the pure colostrum powder you are after. Colostrumhealth™ only use 100% bovine colostrum for the manufacture of the capsules and powder products. Take note of the milligrams per capsule as well as the quantity of capsules per bottle when you compare products. Colostrumhealth™ has 120 capsules of 500mg pure colostrum powder per bottle. We do have one blended product and clearly say so in our write up of the product it is our Colostrumhealth™ vanilla flavoured chewable tablets which contain New Zealand milk powder as a binding compounds vanilla flavour for taste, dextrose for sweetness and tabletting aids to assist in the pressing of the tablets. Our 1000mg chewable tablet contains 375mg of pure colostrum powder, much higher than most companies selling the chewable tablets.
Before buying bovine colostrum products be sure you are buying the product you think you are buying and ask for the supplier's specifications if in doubt. Just as important is where you obtain your bovine colostrum. New Zealand bovine colostrum is in high demand because of the quality and natural way it is produced.

Colostrumhealth™ only uses high protein bovine colostrum powder for the manufacture of the bottled capsules and bottled powder formats. Although more expensive than the low protein bovine colostrum powder, the benefits are superior and contains low levels of lactose.

Colostrumhealth™ pure Colostrum powder is manufactured in a NZ Ministry of Health approved laboratory from 100% pure New Zealand Colostrum, no additives just pure unadulterated Colostrum powder.